RX lenses

Optic Center Kuwait

The top priority of any eye-wear is to give you good eyesight. The first choice you make with your eye-care professional is the type of lens that will satisfy your visual needs. We carry the finest lenses from manufacturers around the world to satisfy your every optical need. We will help you find the lightest weight most optically correct lenses for your prescription.

PLASTIC : Approximately 50% lighter in weight than glass in same power prescriptions. Lenses may be coated to improve scratch resistance. Can be tinted to any color with uniform density and coated to filter ultraviolet light.

POLY-CARBONATE : The lightest material available. The most impact resistant, strongest and safest material. Coated to improve scratch resistance. Absorbs 99% of ultraviolet light. Up to 25% thinner and 35% lighter than plastic. Recommended for children, when safety is the major concern.

Hi-Index 1.56, 1.60, 1.67,1.74 and higher Index specialty lenses : Thinnest lens material available. Designed to minimize thickness and improve the cosmetic effect of the glasses. Scratch resistant coated. UV protection inherent in this lens material.

Aspheric Design Hi-Index for Plus Lenses : Light and thinner than plastic. Aspheric design for better optics. Eye magnification reduced on farsighted corrections. Also, eye miniaturization reduced on nearsighted corrections. Scratch resistant coated. Tints easily. UV protection inherent in this lens material.

Classic and Progressive Bifocal and Multi-Focal Lenses : We carry a wide variety of multi-focal lenses from a wide range of manufacturers from Zeiss Germany, Essilor France, Nikon Japan and Sola Australia.