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Have You Thought About Contacts?

There has never been a better time to wear contact lenses. New lens designs and materials are available and modern lenses are more comfortable and affordable than ever before. Often contact lenses cost less than a pair of glasses.


Contact lenses give you the freedom to see all around without annoying rims of spectacle frames spoiling the view. Many people feel that they are more natural and comfortable wearing contact lenses.

No Risk Trials

If you have thought about lenses but wondered if they are suitable, now is the time to find out. At your first appointment we will assess your suitability for lenses and explain your options. If there is a problem that may mean less than 100% success, we will tell you about it and explain the consequences. It may be that you need a special lens. We will explain why and clearly tell you how much it will cost.

Your first experience of lens wear will be as soon as possible. We will demonstrate how amazingly comfortable they can be. Where possible, we will let you take some home to try before you commit yourself to going ahead. The only cost will be the contact lens assessment and fitting fee.

Do not worry about making a decision on what type of lens to choose. We will ensure that your needs are acknowledged and that the best lens for those needs are used. Of course, there are lots of options that will be explained. You can opt for tinted lenses to change your appearance, Ultra Violet filter lenses for maximum protection, bifocals, multi-focal, disposables or regular lenses.

Soft lenses

These are the most popular because they are so comfortable to wear. They are easy to adapt to and gentle on your eyes. They do however; need to be replaced more frequently. Modern lenses allow extended wear and are available for people with astigmatism (an irregular shaped eye) and bifocal wearers. There are even daily disposable bifocals and daily disposable lenses for people with astigmatism. We also have great range of colored contact lenses for every day or the occasional special night out.

Silicon Hydrogel Lenses

The newest of the soft lens family and possibly the most advanced. These lenses feel like a soft lens and behave like soft lens but allow as much oxygen to get to the eye as some of the very best Gas Permeable rigid lenses. As well as being used for people who have had problems, they are great for extended wear up to a month. These lenses are set to re-write the rules on soft lens performance.

Taking Care of Contact Lenses

Unless you wear daily disposable lenses, you will need to clean and disinfect your contacts to ensure both the lenses and your eyes stay in good condition. The type of care system you use depends on the type of lenses you have and how they are worn. We will make sure you understand what to do before you take your lenses home.

Worried about getting the lenses in and out ?

Our staff will spend as much time as you need to ensure you are confident and safe in handling your lenses. Our optometrist will show you the video about insertion and removal of contact lenses and then they will supervise you in handling the lenses.